I have specialised in deep-tissue massage for over 12 years. Originally I worked alongside Dr. Billy Ward in his chiropractic clinic, I had provided post-treatment after care to all of Dr. Billy patients.

I had then moved my practice into a busy health club, and provided treatments for a wide variety of ailments; ranging from tennis elbow, lower-back pain to more specialised conditions, such as sciatica, frozen shoulder, impingments and general muscular/ligament maintenance. Whilst completing this spectrum of services, I also provided on request in-home/mobile visits - where patients are able to be treated in the comfort of their own home.

I had also worked alongside Mr Phin Robinson (Purephysiotherapy.co.uk), BSc (HONS), MCSP, MAACP HPC PH Physiotherapist. I did that as well as working between clinics, helping treat patients with soft tissue damage and general muscle complaints.

I now have my own business based is Wath-upon Dearne, South Yorkshire - providing my patients with all the care they need.