Sports massage is one of the most effective therapies that targets deep into muscle that is suffering trauma.
The therapy is commonly used in sports centres, gymnasiums, athletic events and many more.
You don’t have to be a sports personality to receive treatment, anyone can benefit from a sports massage.

Listed below are some of the conditions that Deep Tissue Sports Therapy Massage can be used to help with:  

Plantar Fasciitis  

Painful swelling of the fascia underneath the foot which radiates from the heel. Deep tissue massage helps to soften the tissue and reduce tension on the tendons associated with the pain.  

Post Stroke Rehabilitation   

Patients lose most of the use of the left side and muscle wastage occurs. Deep tissue massage may help with getting the movement back into the muscles/joints again if there isn’t too much damage to the brain where the stroke has taken place.


Deep tissue massage may help here to enable to patient to have more movement in their muscles and alleviate the pain temporarily. Massage won’t cure the myalgia but may help to ease the discomfort and the restrictions in movement.  

Muscle Scarring   

Deep tissue massage may help with breaking down the fibres where injury may have taken place to get the blood flowing back into the muscle and for it to resume regular function.

Frozen shoulder  

 Here the massage helps to increase movement back into the joint, using friction and Neuromuscular techniques,  where the tissue has “frozen” over a period of time. This condition may last up to a year in severe cases.

Achilles Heel   

Massage has many benefits but specifically for achilles tendonitis it can help break down scar tissue, stimulate blood flow and therefore healing and aid in the stretching of the calf muscles.